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You are here at, where you can get accurate information on anything from used trunk lids, fiberglass trunk lid to different types of trunk lids for various kinds of cars. Your every trunk lid need and issue is addressed here. The trunk lid may be defined as a hinged covering whose function is to protect or shelter the things or other objects you keep inside the trunk of your car.

The trunks of the car are usually at the rear of the vehicle with the specific purpose of accommodating the luggage you carry in the car. Usually, the trunk lids are manufactured with the same material which is used to produce the other parts of the vehicles body. The functionality of the trunk lid is more than just protecting the cargo from theft. It helps to shelter the luggage from various elements like sunlight and rain.

The trunk lids are also called as deck lids as they cover the rear deck of the vehicle. There are trunk lid parts in the deck lids that help in raising or lowering the trunk lid. In order to keep the trunk lid in the open position to load the things in it, devices such as spring assist in holding them up. Another usage of the trunk lid is associated with the rear brake light. This is because the deck lids sometimes have the centrally mounted third brake light.

The history of the trunk lids started with the requirement of trunks in the vehicles. In 1936, ford released a car Ford Model A which had separate trunk on its rear deck. Then in the proceeding years, the cars were released with integrated trunks. For instance, the AMC Marlin which was released in 1967 had a petite trunk lid which covered small space which was enough for holding a spare tire for the car. Nowadays, most of the cars are designed with comparatively large trunks.

Also it can be noted that trunk lids of majority of the vehicles are manufactured using steel, magnesium or aluminum. These days, the fiberglass trunk lid is getting popular among cars, because of its extreme durability in protecting the trunks. The main advantage of the fiberglass trunk lid is that it reduces the overall weight of the vehicle. Such type of deck lids resist warping, twisting or cracking in their surfaces. is your destination for used deck lids for all cars including 1996 Lincoln town car trunk lid, civic type-r trunk lid and trunk lid struts. All rights reserved.